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Nursery Victoria Cerise

Our Nursery

"Here, children will learn, grow and have fun".
These are the three promises made by the Victoria Cerise private nursery to parents.

Developing and building children's autonomy through the pleasure of learning is indeed the method on which the educational team is based.

Why choose Victoria Cerise Nursery?

Welcomed from the age of 3 months, toddlers can enjoy an exceptional environment where games, music and psycho-motor activities intertwine in English and French to further develop their minds and support their learning.

In addition to the multilingual supervision and personalized service offered to parents, Victoria Cerise's other unique feature is the coexistence, in the same house, of a kindergarten that is presented as a transitional nursery class. A qualified kindergarten teacher takes care of children aged 2 to 3, so that they can continue to learn and grow in a familiar, multilingual environment, and are as well prepared as possible for school.

Our playful, natural setting is home to a unique concept that enables us to offer a quality nursery, a drop-in daycare service on request, and an integrated kindergarten.

Victoria Cerise nursery, kid playing

Quality Nursery Care & Daycare Services

From as early as three months old, our nursery embraces a philosophy centered around active participation in games, a musical awareness program, psycho-motor activities, and self-expression, on a daily basis. 

Through carefully curated daily routines, our nursery strives to create a nurturing environment where every child can blossom and thrive, fostering a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Multilingual Teaching

We will encourage the pleasure of learning in your child to enable him or her to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. Our activities are conducted in both English and French.

Victoria Cerise nursery, kid playing
Victoria Cerise nursery, kid playing

Our transition class, a journey to awakening

At Victoria Cerise, we offer a unique transition class where your child can continue learning in a familiar, multilingual environment, easing the transition to kindergarten. We offer a safe, stimulating and caring environment that encourages exchange and communication, so that each child can find his or her own place in the group and assert his or her personality with confidence.

Victoria Cerise nursery

A nursery to live,
love and learn

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