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Kids on Victoria Cerise pre school learning

Our Pre-school

Our program is based on academic learning guided by the UK's Early Years Foundation Stage program, taught by competent, fluently bilingual teachers with a good command of English and French. Our days focus on the child's physical and emotional development through a wide range of fun and educational activities.

Why choose Victoria Cerise Pre-school?

We know that from the age of 2, children learn according to a positive pedagogy, and therefore we put their head, heart and body at the center of our teaching methods. We are convinced that a child in a healthy body, with the ability to put it in motion, and with a happy heart is a child ready to learn.

We encourage a thirst for learning to enable your child to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Our nursery school offers full immersion in English and French.

Our mornings are dedicated to academic learning, following the British Early Years Foundation Stage program. Classes are taught by English-speaking teachers. Afternoons are devoted to physical and emotional development through physical, artistic and creative activities such as music, dance, braingym, yoga, psycho-motor activities, theater and relaxation.

Our preschool offers quality teaching and complete immersion in English and French, stimulating your child's heart, body and mind, in a gentle and secure environment.

Kids on Victoria Cerise pre school learning

Sections of the Program

During the course of the day, children go through periods of wakefulness (need to explore), periods of concentration (time to learn), and periods of fatigue (quiet time and rest). To best meet their different needs, we have developed a daily routine that corresponds to these distinct periods.


The British program is organized into 7 sections:

• Communication and Language

• Emotional, Social, and Personal Development

• Physical Development

• Literature

• Mathematics

• Awakening

• Artistic Development

Progress Monitoring and Parent Communication

Parents are welcome in the school's entrance area every morning between 8 and 9 am. This is an opportunity to meet the teacher and discuss any necessary matters.

Every Friday, your child will take his or her "school book" home, so that you can follow-up on what's happening in class. During the week, the teacher fills it in with photos and comments on the children's progress.

Twice a year - in December and June - you will receive a full report on your child's progress, followed by a parents' meeting to discuss it.

Kids on Victoria Cerise pre school learning
Kids on Victoria Cerise pre school playing

Learning Outside of School

Children can learn just as much inside as outside the school. Our playground can be transformed into an incredible learning ground: gardening for early-learning classes, running and ball games for physical development, jumping in puddles and so on. Over the course of the year, we will be able to go to various nearby parks and discover the environment that surrounds the school.

School outings are linked to ongoing themes throughout the year.

Kids on Victoria Cerise pre school learning montessori education

A school to live,
love and learn

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